The VCAP Public Feedback Form is Open for feedback through December 31st, 2019! Please complete the online form to provide feedback to the Steering Committee to help VCAP continue to grow.


Additional SWCD Information

Guidance Documents:

Training Modules:

VCAP Training Module: Living Shorelines

VCAP Training Module: Green Roofs and Vegetated Conveyance Systems

VCAP Training Module: Dry Wells and Infiltration

VCAP Training Module: Conservation Landscaping and Impervious Surface Removal

VCAP Training Module: Constructed Wetlands, Rain Gardens and Rainwater Harvesting

VCAP Training Module: Bioretention and Permeable Pavement

VCAP Training Module: Advanced Technical and Native Plant Trainings


Participating Districts and Prospective Applicants should use these forms to apply for VCAP funds:

Additional Documentation:


VCAP Trainings: Click to learn details and register.

2020 Training Dates:

  • Tuesday, February 25th at Luck Eco, Goochland 
  • Tuesday, April 28th (Location TBD)
  • WEBINAR Wednesday, July 1st

vcap training2

July 1, 2019 – VCAP Program Updates Webinar recording available here: GoToMeeting Recording **Please excuse technical difficulties with recording.**

PDF version of slideshow for webinar available here: VCAP Update Webinar July 2019


VCAP Steering Committee Members:

      • Anne Coates, Thomas Jefferson SWCD
      • Greg Wichelns, Culpeper SWCD
      • Deanna Fehrer, Piedmont SWCD
      • Chris Gyurisin, Thomas Jefferson SWCD
      • Sharon Conner, Hanover-Caroline SWCD
      • Pattie Bland, Hanover-Caroline SWCD
      • Richard Jacobs, Culpeper SWCD
      • Emily Gibbs, Piedmont SWCD
      • Laura Grape, Northern Virginia SWCD
      • Kristina Clarin, Northern Virginia SWCD
      • Kendall Tyree, PhD, VASWCD Executive Director
      • Kevin McLean, VASWCD VCAP Coordinator

Contact the VASWCD VCAP Coordinator Kevin McLean at with any questions about committee work or to join the VCAP discussion.