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Guidance Documents:

Training Modules:

VCAP Training Module: Living Shorelines

VCAP Training Module: Green Roofs and Vegetated Conveyance Systems

VCAP Training Module: Dry Wells and Infiltration

VCAP Training Module: Conservation Landscaping and Impervious Surface Removal

VCAP Training Module: Constructed Wetlands, Rain Gardens and Rainwater Harvesting

VCAP Training Module: Bioretention and Permeable Pavement

VCAP Training Module: Advanced Technical and Native Plant Trainings

Participating Districts and Prospective Applicants should use these forms to apply for VCAP funds:

Additional Documentation:

VCAP Trainings: As trainings are scheduled, click to learn details and register. No trainings are currently scheduled – please check back at a later date.

July 1, 2019 – VCAP Program Updates Webinar recording available here: GoToMeeting Recording **Please excuse technical difficulties with recording.**

PDF version of slideshow for webinar available here: VCAP Update Webinar July 2019

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VCAP Steering Committee Members:

      • Anne Coates, Thomas Jefferson SWCD
      • Greg Wichelns, Culpeper SWCD
      • Deanna Fehrer, Piedmont SWCD
      • Chris Gyurisin, Thomas Jefferson SWCD
      • Sharon Conner, Hanover-Caroline SWCD
      • Pattie Bland, Hanover-Caroline SWCD
      • Richard Jacobs, Culpeper SWCD
      • Emily Gibbs, Piedmont SWCD
      • Laura Grape, Northern Virginia SWCD
      • Kristina Clarin, Northern Virginia SWCD
      • Kendall Tyree, PhD, VASWCD Executive Director
      • Kevin McLean, VASWCD VCAP Coordinator

Contact the VASWCD VCAP Coordinator Kevin McLean at with any questions about committee work or to join the VCAP discussion.