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Participating Districts and prospective applicants should use only official VCAP forms. All forms can be found in the District Reference Guide.


Additional Documentation:

VCAP Trainings: Click to learn details and register.

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VCAP Steering Committee Members:

      • Maura Christian, VASWCD VCAP Assistant Coordinator
      • Kristina Clarin, Northern Virginia SWCD
      • Anne Coates, Thomas Jefferson SWCD
      • Sharon Conner, Hanover-Caroline SWCD
      • Deanna Fehrer, Piedmont SWCD
      • Laura Grape, Northern Virginia SWCD
      • Chris Gyurisin, Thomas Jefferson SWCD
      • Stacey Heflin, Henricopolis SWCD
      • Richard Jacobs, Culpeper SWCD
      • Charlie Lively, Henricopolis SWCD
      • Kevin McLean, VASWCD VCAP Coordinator
      • Greg Wichelns, Culpeper SWCD

Contact the VASWCD VCAP Coordinator Kevin McLean at or VCAP Assistant Coordinator Maura Christian at with any questions about committee work or to join the VCAP discussion.