Soil and Water Conservation Districts were authorized by the 1938 Session of the General Assembly to conserve our state and local natural resources.  Currently there are 47 Soil and Water Conservation Districts consisting of 333 elected or appointed directors and hundreds of associate directors who provide time and services without pay.

The Virginia Association of Soil & Water Conservation Districts (VASWCD) represents these 47 districts which provide conservation programs that beneficially preserve our natural resources. The general assembly has recognized districts as ‘Political Subdivisions of State Government’ and has a statutory commitment to fund our mission. State and local funding is essential for our dedicated efforts of success for the stewardship of our valued natural resources.

With this foundation our VASWCD operates on behalf of our member districts and directors. The following policy papers highlight the Association’s position on a number of ongoing issues.

  • Policy Book – Approved December 2022¬†The VASWCD Policy Book includes written guidance on legislative procedure; position statements on agricultural BMPs, tax incentives and cost share programs; policy positions on dam safety, maintenance and rehabilitation; guidance on VASWCD and district education programs; policy on the Right to Farm Law and farmland protection in Virginia; the need for natural resources funding; position information on water quality and groundwater; the make-up and service of the Virginia Soil & Water Conservation Board; VASWCD opinion on expanding the Chesapeake Bay Preservation Act; policy on a moratorium for Uranium Mining and milling, and hydraulic fracturing.