Available Resources

The VASWCD is glad to provide resources to SWCDs as needed. Contact VASWCD staff if there is a need for specific tools to assist a local conservation district; we are happy to assist with obtaining these resources.

The following resources are made available to SWCDs on an on-going basis:

  • ARC GIS software – Recently, NRCS has reduced the number of Common Computing Environment (CCE) compliant computers that it is making available to Districts.  In order to help Districts with this change the VASWCD has entered a partnership agreement for NRCS to provide free Geographic Information System (GIS) software from the Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI) to Districts for use on Non-CCE computer. The software available is the ArcEditor version of ARCGIS 9.3. Any district that has a Non-CCE computer and expects to use that computer when working on/or supporting USDA programs and missions, can send a request to our Association office in Mechanicsville.
  • Marketing Resources – The Association can provide your SWCD with marketing materials ideal for public outreach. Brochures on SWCD and VASWCD projects and programs, a state SWCD display map, large free standing SWCD display, Virginia SWCD tablecloth, Virginia SWCD banner, CD of SWCD marketing videos able to be shown to constituents, and more.
  • Email – The VASWCD can provide @vaswcd.org email addresses to those SWCDs needing this service. Please contact the Association to arrange for such an account and for additional details on this resource.