Available Resources

The VASWCD is glad to provide resources to SWCDs as needed. Contact VASWCD staff if there is a need for specific tools to assist a local conservation district; we are happy to assist with obtaining these resources.

The following resources are made available to SWCDs on an on-going basis:

  • Marketing Resources – The Association can provide your SWCD with marketing materials ideal for public outreach. Brochures on SWCD and VASWCD projects and programs, jpeg images and post card templates, a state SWCD display map, large free standing SWCD display, Virginia SWCD tablecloth, Virginia SWCD banner, CD of SWCD marketing videos able to be shown to constituents, and more.
  • Email – The VASWCD can provide @vaswcd.org email addresses to those SWCDs needing this service. Please contact the Association to arrange for such an account and for additional details on this resource.