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The PY25 Manual Update Webinar will be held on July 2nd, 2024 at 2PM. Register for the webinar here.

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PY2025 Application and Payment Forms

Blank PDFFillable PDF
Application and Payment Request Checklists Application and Payment Request Checklists
VCAP Part I: Applicant ContractVCAP Part I: Applicant Contract
VCAP Part II: Technical DeterminationVCAP Part II: Technical Determination
VCAP Part III: Payment ApprovalVCAP Part III: Payment Approval
VCAP Payment Request SpreadsheetVCAP Payment Request Spreadsheet
VCAP Assignment of Payment FormVCAP Assignment of Payment Form
VCAP Form 4: Transfer of OwnershipVCAP Form 4: Transfer of Ownership
VCAP Form 5: Release Agreement VCAP Form 5: Release Agreement
VCAP Form 6: Ranking Sheet VCAP Form 6: Ranking Sheet
VCAP Form 7: Cost Share AdjustmentVCAP Form 7: Cost Share Adjustment
Participating Districts and prospective applicants should use only official VCAP forms.

PY2025 VCAP Cost Share Rates

Start-up Payment Program (SUPP)

*Only districts that have opted in to SUPP can offer this support program. Opt-in either by a board motion recorded in the minutes or by completing the MOU below between the Association and your district.

SUPP provides up to 50% of cost share as soon as an application is approved to allow participants to secure a contractor and relieve some of the financial burden of a fully-reimbursable program.

Stacking Funds Available from National Fish and Wildlife Foundation

Additional funds for stacking up to 100% of eligible costs are available from the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation to support work in low-income areas, for community-facing projects, and for certain individuals based on income. Funds are available for the duration of the grant or until expended.

Funding is available for maintenance of VCAP practices (must have VCAP contract number) within lifespan. Maintenance need must not be due to lack of maintenance. Use Maintenance Request Form as the cover letter for such requests.

More details on the parameters of the stacking are available here. Reimbursement is only for eligible costs, up to $50,000 cap. Parameters are subject to change.

Additional Application Materials

Practice Sizing Calculators:

Other Resources

Practice-Specific Information

Bioretention and Infiltration

Conservation Landscaping

Constructed Wetlands

Dry Well

Green Roof

Living Shoreline

Permeable Pavement and Impervious Surface Removal

Rain Garden

Rainwater Harvesting

Vegetated Stormwater Conveyance

Native Planting & Misc. Training Items

Training Videos

Outside Resources

Basic Training:

Rain Garden and Planting Design Resources:

Living Shoreline Resources:

Past VCAP Forms:

VCAP Steering Committee

  • Members:
    • Northern Neck SWCD
    • Northern Virginia SWCD
    • Thomas Jefferson SWCD
    • Hanover-Caroline SWCD
    • Culpeper SWCD
    • Colonial SWCD
    • VA Association of Soil and Water Conservation Districts

Contact the VASWCD VCAP Coordinator Blair Blanchette at or VCAP Assistant Coordinator Rachel DuVal at with any questions about committee work or to join the VCAP discussion.