Scout Patch Program

The VASWCD Scout Patch Program is open to Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts to further their interest and education in conservation topics.


(Click on  the  Patch  Image to download the Scout/ Student Guide)

Virginia Scouts can follow the instructions to earn a Soil Expert Patch and/or Living in Your Watershed Patch  

Currently, three patches and relevant curriculum, as shown below, are available:


Poster Contest Patch Leader Guide 2024

Conservation Poster Contest Patch* – A Patch program for Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts 

* Please note that poster patches are only distributed in December each year. Please contact your local SWCD if you wish to receive these patches.

 Living In Your Watershed Patch – A Patch program for students in 4th grade and above. 

Soils Expert Patch– A Patch program for students in 3rd grade and above. 



Contact VASWCD 804-559-0324 with any questions about the patch program.