QuickBooks Training Manual

QuickBooks is an accounting software used by most SWCDs and is highly recommended by the VASWCD and the state. The QuickBooks Training Manual is a resource for all SWCDs using QuickBooks. Topics covered in the training manual include but is not limited to:  

  • How to Set Up a Proper Chart of Accounts
  • Using Classes for Attachment E
  • Vendors, Customers & Others
  • Invoicing & Receiving Payments
  • Balance Sheet & Profit and Loss Statements
  • Attachment E Preparation& Reconciliation
  • Preparing and Using a Budget
  • Bank & Credit Card Processes & Reconciliation
  • Sales Tax 
  • Custom Reporting 
  • Payroll tax payments, tax returns & W-2 Reconciliation
  • Preparing the 1099-G and 1099-MISC

The VASWCD, working with partners, on occasion offers QuickBooks training sessions. Please let us know if you have any QuickBooks questions or training needs.