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Oral Presentation Topic & Resources

The 2022-2023 Program Current Issue Topic is “Adapting to Climate Change” Check back in fall 2022 for the new Oral Presentation Topic.

Oral Presentation Question for the 2022 Virginia Dominion Energy Envirothon Program:

  • Click here to download the 2022 Oral Presentation Topic
    • Note, the only visual aids allowed will be Microsoft PowerPoint(PPT). Google slides may be used in creating the presentation but should be downloaded to a PPT file for competition day. No video or sound files may be included in PPT files.

The 2022 Current Issue Topic is Waste to Resources.” A full list of learning objectives and training resources can be found on the Envirothon Resources page. Read more about the 2022 NCF-Envirothon Ohio Current Issue topic here.

“The ability to communicate clearly and effectively is a crucial skill when addressing environmental issues, particularly in situations where collaborative efforts are required to develop practical solutions and affect change. The Envirothon strives to promote the development of oral communication skills in each student participant, which is why the oral presentation is emphasized as a major component of the total competition score at the NCF-Envirothon annual international competition.”

Oral Presentations – NCF-Envirothon

Oral Presentation Scoring Resources:

Oral Presentation Resources:

Previous Oral Presentation Winners:

2022 Top Two Oral Presentations at the 2022 Virginia Dominion Energy Envirothon Competition

2021 Top Two Oral Presentations at the 2021 Virtual Virginia Dominion Energy Envirothon Competition

2019 Top Two Oral Presentations at the 2019 Virginia Dominion Energy Envirothon Competition

Oral Presentation Excellence Award

  • Started in 2019, thanks to an anonymous donor, the Soil & Water Conservation District whose team places 1st in the Oral Presentation category at the Virginia Dominion Energy Envirothon State Competition will receive $400 to help strengthen their Envirothon Program. Past recipients:
    • 2019- Thomas Jefferson SWCD(Louisa County HS Envirothon Team)
    • 2021- Thomas Jefferson SWCD (Louisa County HS Envirothon Team)
    • 2022- Thomas Jefferson SWCD (Louisa County HS Envirothon Team)

Virginia Envirothon Learning Objectives

Learning Objectives include Key Points, learning activities and resource links.  See the VASWCD Envirothon Resources page for additional resources.

The learning objectives of the Virginia Envirothon correlate with the National Science Standards and the Virginia Standards of Learning. Click the links below to find the Learning Objectives for each Envirothon subject area. Additional Materials will be posted as finalized.  

Curriculum Guidelines/Learning Objectives:  (added Oct 2021) 

NCF-Envirothon has created new Station Guidelines.  The Virginia Dominion Energy Envirothon Program will be using these guidelines starting in the 2021-2022 Program Year.