IT Committee Info

Committee Report:

Committee Activities:

The VASWCD IT Committee presented its Annual Report to the VASWCD Board and the full membership of the VASWCD at the December 2017 Annual Meeting in Portsmouth. This report can be downloaded here – 2017 IT Committee Report.

The IT Committee surveyed Districts statewide in 2017.  A summary of the results can be downloaded here — IT Survey Powerpoint 2017.

IT Committee History: 

For historical reference, the 2012 founding IT Committee report which highlights the background of committee work, IT principles, initial survey findings, and recommendations for further work can be downloaded here – VASWCD IT Committee Report.

The VASWCD IT Committee also presented a summary of its efforts and strategies at the 2014 Southeast National Association of Conservation Districts region meeting. The PowerPoint presentation can be downloaded here – VASWCD IT Committee Presentation to SENACD.

Advisory Role:

The Committee serves as an advisory body to the VASWCD Board and Executive Committee on IT issues, plans and programs.  It was created by the President of the VASWCD to accomplish the mission stated above.  It should seek and utilize technical information from local, state and federal partners and the private sector in developing options which will harmonize with and support the partners IT system architectures.

Committee Members:

  • Thomas Herbert, Henricopolis SWCD-Chair
  • Bob Jeremiah, Colonial SWCD
  • Sheila Jaruseski, Colonial SWCD
  • Edna Justus, Big Sandy SWCD
  • Michael Trop, John Marshall SWCD
  • Lonnie Murray, Thomas Jefferson SWCD
  • Marina Schumacher, Loudoun SWCD
  • Kris Dennen, Loudoun SWCD
  • Kevin McLean, VASWCD
  • Kendall Tyree, VASWCD
  • Roland Owens, DCR

Contact the VASWCD or Tom Herbert, IT Committee Chair, with any questions about committee work or to join the SWCD IT discussion.