Green Roofs

Green Roofs will be reimbursed at a rate of $20.00 per square foot with a maximum payment of $30,000.00.

Green Roofs or vegetated roofs are alternative roof surfaces that typically consist of water proofing and drainage materials and an engineered growth media that is designed to support plant growth. Vegetated roofs capture and temporarily store stormwater runoff in the growth media. A portion of the captured stormwater evaporates or is taken up by plants, which helps reduce runoff volumes, peak runoff rates, and pollutant loads on development sites. This standard is intended for situations where the primary design objective of the vegetated roof is stormwater management. Green roof installations provide many other environmental benefits such as energy efficiency, air quality improvements, and habitat. There are two different types of vegetated roof systems: intensive vegetated roofs and extensive vegetated roofs. Intensive systems have a deeper growth media layer that ranges from 6 inches to 4 feet thick, which is planted with a wider variety of plants, including trees. By contrast, extensive systems typically have much shallower growing media (2 to 6 inches), which is planted with carefully selected drought tolerant vegetation.