Director/Admin Trainings

The VASWCD and its Educational Foundation organize regional director trainings throughout the year.

Training topics chosen previously have included financial matters, IT issues, parliamentary procedures, efficient meeting management, and personnel management. If you have a topic or a speaker that you would like to recommend for a future training, please contact VASWCD staff. Additionally, if you are interested in assisting the education committee with training please contact VASWCD staff for more details.

Information on the VASWCD Annual Meeting, the largest training opportunity for directors, associates, staff, and partner organizations, can be found at


VASWCD Operations Committee announced the first District Admin/Ops Training Workshop for May 7, 2019.  The workshops will be held bi-annually to provide relevant and hands-on training and networking opportunities for Administrative staff.  The topics for the May workshop included Attachment E, Quickbooks-related to budgeting and reports, record retention, mentoring panel, VRS, and a tour of the Frontier Culture Museum.  An individual 20 minute session with a CPA (per District) to provide assistance with any Quickbooks questions you may have, was provided as a service to Districts.

Details on the fall 2019 training are forthcoming.

Below you can find presentations and documentation presented at previous VASWCD Director & District Admin Trainings.

The Power of Communication and Outreach: Enhancing the SWCD Message– Speaker: Dr. Julie Gochenour, James Madison University

“Incentivizing Your Employees: Personnel/Human Resources Mgmt. Topic”– Speaker: Terri Higgins, Associate Director Henricopolis SWCD & Loudoun SWCD

Local Outreach Spotlight – Tips & Testimony from a Successful Envirothon Program- Speaker: Brent Hull

Virginia Conservation Assistance Program Update- Speaker: Kevin McLean