Legislative Issues

The 2020 General Assembly Session convened January 8, 2020 for a long session, adjourning sine die in early March. The Association held its Annual Legislative Day Thursday, January 9, 2020. Thank you to those who joined us on legislative day.

It is important your voice is heard. The VASWCD is willing to assist with local SWCD outreach including the organization of a legislative tour. Uncertain who represents your area, check out the “Who’s Your Legislator” tool for reference of elected officials by SWCD/locality.

Please note, the General Assembly Building is under construction and all Legislative offices have been moved into the Pocahontas building nearby.

The following VASWCD legislative items are also of importance:

  • Legislative Agenda 2020 – Approved 12.10.19 As approved by members at the VASWCD Annual membership meeting on December 10, 2019 and to be used in advocating district needs.
  • One pager Talking Points – District 2020 Funding Needs – This attachment references budget amendments that have been pursued by the VASWCD as a result of legislative agenda actions in a simplified form.
  • Additional Details to Talking Point One Pager – This attachment provides additional depth to the one pager talking points that offers directors more detail to the issues.
  • VCAP and Education Outreach – Flyer Legislative Day 2020 – This handout provides visual statistics about the impact of the VA Conservation Assistance Program and the environmental education work of SWCDs.
  • VASWCD Policy Book– As approved with edits December 4, 2018. Policies are approved every three years.
  • Final VASWCD 2020 General Assembly Legislative Tracking ReportThe VASWCD legislative tracking report is updated and posted during the General Assembly Session and tracks the status of legislation of interest to SWCDs. These reports provide a summary and impact of the legislation as well as the VASWCD position. Contact VASWCD staff if you have any questions or if there are additional pieces of legislation you wish tracked.
  • The VASWCD is a member of VirginiaForever, a unique, diverse coalition of businesses, environmental organizations, and outdoor enthusiasts that advocates for increased government funding for water quality improvements and land conservation across the Commonwealth – including SWCD efforts of cost share and technical assistance. It is the only statewide organization that has a primary focus on increasing funding for natural resources protection.

These legislative reports relating to SWCD funding and the organization of water quality programs are of importance:

  • Chesapeake Bay Commission Technical Assistance Report The report released fall 2017 details the importance of technical assistance and the need for improved support and funding.
  • Chesapeake Bay and Virginia Waters Clean-Up Plan Report – https://rga.lis.virginia.gov/Published/2019/RD585/PDF – The report in Chapter 4 encompasses the Department of Conservation and Recreation’s report of “Annual Funding Needs for Effective Implementation of Agricultural Best Management Practices” pursuant to subsection C of §10.1-2128.1 of the Code of Virginia. This report also satisfies reporting requirements in §2.2-220.1 of the Code of Virginia regarding the Chesapeake Bay 2000 Agreement.
  • 2013 Virginia Soil & Water Conservation District Funding Study

Additional Information, bookmark these websites to quickly access legislation and General Assembly contact info: