Legislative Issues

The 2019 General Assembly Session convened Wednesday, January 9, 2019 for a short session, adjourning sine die on February 23, 2019.

The Association held its Annual Legislative Day Thursday, January 10, 2019. Thanks to all who participated.  We encourage you to continue conversations with your legislators regarding our efforts and requesting support of the Governor’s budget as it relates to SWCD funding needs.

The VASWCD is willing to assist with local SWCD outreach including the organization of a legislative tour. Uncertain who represents your area, check out the “Who’s Your Legislator” tool for reference of elected officials by SWCD/locality.

Please note, the General Assembly Building is under construction and all Legislative offices have been moved into the Pocahontas building nearby.

The General Assembly’s final budget includes the following:

  • $10 million for Stormwater Local Assistance Fund
  • $74 million for the Water Quality Improvement Fund, focusing on nonpoint source pollution reductions
  • $4.5 million for the Virginia Land Conservation Fund; this was existing funds, and additional proposed funding was eliminated
  • $89 million from various sources for agricultural BMPs
  • $800,000 for the Department of Environmental Quality for IT upgrades to aid in stakeholder engagement and other improvements

The following VASWCD legislative items are also of importance:

  • 2019 Legislative Agenda As approved by members at the VASWCD Annual membership meeting on December 4, 2018 and to be used in advocating district needs.
  • Legislative Day Talking Points – This attachment references bill numbers and budget amendments that have been pursued by the VASWCD as a result of legislative agenda actions.
  • VASWCD Policy Book– As approved with edits December 4, 2018. Policies are approved every three years.
  • VASWCD Legislative Tracking Report (updated during session)vapolftThe VASWCD legislative tracking report is updated and posted during the General Assembly Session and tracks the status of legislation of interest to SWCDs. These reports provide a summary and impact of the legislation as well as the VASWCD position. Contact VASWCD staff if you have any questions or if there are additional pieces of legislation you wish tracked.
  • The VASWCD is a member of VirginiaForever, a unique, diverse coalition of businesses, environmental organizations, and outdoor enthusiasts that advocates for increased government funding for water quality improvements and land conservation across the Commonwealth – including SWCD efforts of cost share and technical assistance. It is the only statewide organization that has a primary focus on increasing funding for natural resources protection.

These legislative reports relating to SWCD funding and the organization of water quality programs are of importance:

Additional Information, bookmark these websites to quickly access legislation and General Assembly contact info: