Envirothon Study Resources

The Virginia Dominion Energy Envirothon program is a natural resource competition for high school students. To learn more about the Envirothon program visit our program page or National Conservation Foundation- Envirothon page

  • The following links and resources are shared to assist Envirothon teams in studying and preparing for the competition.
  • Each area of study is divided into several different key topics, which vary from subject to subject. Underneath these key topics, you will find relevant learning objectives applicable to that topic for the level of testing expected at the  Virginia Dominion Energy Envirothon and NCF-Envirothon annual international competition-level testing.

Please Note:
In an effort to make the Learning Objectives as comprehensive as possible, the overall number of items for each area of study may be quite long! It is important to note, that not every learning objective listed will be used for every competition. These Learning Objectives serve as an overview of the types of knowledge and skills expected of students for the Virginia Dominion Energy Envirothon program and  NCF-Envirothon international level of competition.

Each resource supports the Envirothon learning objectives and information from these items are therefore subject to inclusion on the competition test.  Current issue/Oral presentation problem resources and other station resources are updated on a regular basis.   

**In Feb 2021, NCF-Envirothon adopted new Station Guidelines and Virginia will use these guidelines starting in the 2021-2022 program year.

Areas of Study-

Current Issue“Adapting to Climate Change” Learning Objectives

(the Current Issue is determined by the State/Province that is hosting the NCF-Envirothon Competition, New Brunswick, Canada is hosting the 2023 NCF-Envirothon Program, and choose the topic of the current issue)

Virginia-Specific Resouces:

Other Helpful Resources

Aquatics Ecology Learning Objectives– Updated October 2021

Forestry Learning Objectives Updated October 2021

Soils Learning Objectives– Updated October 2021

Wildlife Learning Objectives– Updated October 2021

Reach out to maura.christian@vaswcd.org with any questions.