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By vaswcd_admin / January 10, 2018

Protected: Youth Conservation Leadership Institute Blog

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By vaswcd_admin / January 21, 2016

Educational Programs

Educational outreach is an important and major part of what districts contribute to their communities. Whether its brochures, flyers, websites...

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By vaswcd_admin / October 6, 2015

Shop Kroger, Give to VASWCD Educational Foundation!

Looking for a way to give back to the VA Assn of SWCD Education Foundation? Get involved with the "Kroger...

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By vaswcd_admin / August 5, 2015

SWCD, Board of Supervisors, and Local Producers Connect Over Food

Local relationships are critically important to the success of your local SWCD. In order to build local government and SWCD collaborations, in...

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By vaswcd_admin / May 21, 2015

Dora Chaffin SWCD Employee/Dependent Scholarships

Applications Due Friday, May 29, 2015 The Dora Chaffin SWCD Employee/Dependent Scholarships (the “Dora Chaffin Scholarships”) are offered by the Educational...

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By vaswcd_admin / May 19, 2015

VASWCD Ed. Funds Leadership Opportunity

The Virginia Natural Resource Leadership Institute is a program for rising leaders working in collaboration with Virginia’s natural resource issues...

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By vaswcd_admin / April 15, 2015

The Value of an Intern Program at Shenandoah Valley SWCD

The VASWCD is kicking off a new spotlight story article series of which we’ll focus on sharing with you the...

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Press Releases

The VASWCD works with media across the state to share information on upcoming events, exciting new partners and more. Press releases will also be posted to this forum in addition to sent to local media outlets:



Agency Reports & News

The VASWCD finds it important to share partner reports, useful resources and other critical information that may be of interest to Directors, staff and citizens. The following reports focusing on funding needs, marketing resources, information sharing, and nutrient trading are relevant and provided for information only. Please contact the VASWCD if you would like additional information on a topic or are having problems finding information of most importance to you. Find us on Facebook to stay on top of recent news articles, activities and other reports of interest.