Envirothon Resources

The Enivrothon program is a natural resource competition for high school students. To learn more about the Envirothon program visit the program page.

The following links and resources are shared to assist Envirothon teams preparing for competition. Each resource supports the Envirothon learning objectives and information from these items are therefore subject to inclusion on the competition test.  Please use these links as supplements to the resources and links found within the Curriculum Guidelines. Current issue/Oral presentation problem resources and other station resources are updated on a regular basis.


2018 Current Issue Resources

(Updated 11.14.17)

Learning Objectives: 2018 Current Issue Learning Objectives

Sample Envirothon Test Questions

Envirothon Coaches Handbook


Aquatics Resources

Aquatic Curriculum Guidelines

Forestry Resources

Forestry Curriculum Guidelines

Soils Resources

Soils Curriculum Guidelines

Wildlife Resources

Wildlife Curriculum Guidelines